Charles H. Mansour expert tax lawywer in Texas and Louisiana.

Providing an experienced Tax Lawyer to solve your IRS Problems. Tax Lawyer Charles H. Mansour has handled thousands of IRS problems ranging from IRS Audits, Offers In Compromise, and Tax Court cases.

A tax lawyer and published author, Mr. Mansour is a nationally recognized expert in the field of IRS audit, litigation and compliance. He has appeared on television, radio and in print media. This tax lawyer has the experience to shield you from IRS enforced collections, liens, levies or resolve your IRS problem through an "offer of compromise" or other tax relief programs. Mr. Mansour has a Masters in Tax Law and is committed to helping you end your IRS tax problems.

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Do you have one of the following problems:

Tax audits, appeals, tax court cases
IRS Audit
Tax Protester
Tax Shelters
Wage garnishments and levies
Tax liens
Late and unfiled tax returns
Negotiate offers in compromise
Payroll tax problems and unfiled returns
IRS tax liens
Levies and wage garnishments
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